CropTracer is developed by growers for growers.  The Grower module will give you full insight into your farming process and enables you to work more efficiently, cut costs, and protect your crops.
The grower module offers you many ways to manage your business as a grower. Forecasting and budgeting keeps track of your projected versus actual revenues and costs. Growing, harvesting, and maintenance records make sure you are most efficiently utilizing supplies and chemicals.  The grower module keeps you fully organized to streamline your operations and improve productivity.

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The harvest module enables you to plan and prepare for a successful harvest season. All harvested products are provided with a barcode identifier. Processes like treatment, sorting, packing, delivery and shipment are then meticulously kept within in CropTracer. You and your customers can see exactly when the crops are harvested, how long they were stored, even the storage temperature or which treatments were used.

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The packhouse module is used by packaging companies and growers to manage customer relationships and configure packaging lines for cleaning and storage of pallets prior to shipping for retail. This module offers extensive bin management to keep a meticulous records on packages transported to and from third parties indexed from the tracking component.

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As a transporter, your goal is to move products from A to B as quickly and as safely as possible. CropTracer gives transporters and customers insight into where products are and the conditions under which they were transported to provide this necessary peace of mind. CropTracer simplifies administration and reporting with a push of the button. As with all other modules, transporter data is stored in CropTracer, transparent with approved partners, and added to the tracking report.

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It’s becoming increasingly important for retailers and wholesalers to have a clear picture of where their inventory comes from, whether it's locally grown, and how it’s been processed prior to reaching consumers. CropTracer provides you with the answers to these types of questions.  The wholesale module in CropTracer can be used by growers who sell their produce directly or to middle-men agents. This module enables producers to allow pre-sales of their produce and a feedback process to rate the overall product quality. Customer relationships are easily managed and inventories are made transparent all of which can be managed directly from the system.

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CropTracer provides you with intelligent crop management. Using pinpoint traceability, a bad batch of produce is no longer catastrophic and can be easily identified and isolated, mitigating the financial impact of crop disease.  With CropTracer a simple barcode scan can help you follow produce during its journey from soil to shelf along with a wealth of data about its point of origin down to the exact location it was grown from.

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