Who are we?

We are growers by origin and from that perspective we developed CropTracer. And it’s because of our background in growing that we know exactly what’s needed. That’s how we developed this versatile supply chain management system. Besides our background in growing we also have roots in the IT business, which enables us to develop the software ourselves. But our focus is on cultivation.
Since 2004 we have a successful mango farm with an own, sustainable plantation:  the Pine Creek Mango Plantation. This is where our passion for and expertise on growing evolved. And it’s because of these years of experience that we know what’s needed for not only growers, but also packers, transporters and wholesalers. This experience in growing combined with our software company Aries Technology unifies the best of both worlds. And by combining the knowledge we developed CropTracer. An easy to use supply chain management system developed by growers for everyone in the logistics chain.

Our mango farm, situated in the Northern Territory of Australia in the town of Pine Creek, is a real family owned and operated farm. We have almost 100 hectares holding 6200 mango trees which produce the award-winning Pine Creek Kensington Pride mango. We export these mangos all over the world. Because our wholesalers in Australia required more information on matters like the type of manure we use, on which soil we grow, which resources/pesticides we use and more, we developed CropTracer. This enabled us to be completely transparent to our wholesalers and simplifying our operation in the process. Eventually, we developed the software to the supply chain management system it is today. Not only usable for growers, but also packers, transporters and wholesalers. CropTracer enables all stakeholders to see where a product is in the logistics chain on any given time. So it’s easy to retrace the grower, where the product was grown (geographically) and what other parties transported, processed and/or traded the product. All specific data regarding time-stamps, used resources, storage temperature, license plates and more are meticulously kept and linked to barcodes and/or QR-codes.

A simplified, sustainable and transparent business operation for growers is how we got started. With the end result being a supply chain management system which can be used by everyone in the logistics chain and makes other administration systems obsolete: CropTracer


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