The harvest module enables you to plan and prepare for a successful harvest season. All harvested products are provided with a barcode identifier. Processes like treatment, sorting, packing, delivery and shipment are then meticulously kept within in CropTracer. You and your customers can see exactly when the crops are harvested, how long they were stored, even the storage temperature or which treatments were used. 

Planning your harvest: CropTracer allows you to plan your harvest planning before your harvesting starts. Your harvest planning is accessible for anyone who has got user rights to acces this data.


Harvest records: Your harvests are being recorded per day, per zone and per grade and size. Barcodes are then assigned right after the harvest to make sure that all information is recorded thoroughly.


Third party quality feedback: Customers and supply chain partners have the ability to judge your produce based on actual quality for feedback and process improvements.


In house packing: The Grower admin module contains a packhouse module which can be used for packing your produce. All packing is recorded to make sure that all packing data is there when you need it.


Packing report: The report generator generates a report that tells you exactly what amounts, sizes, and qualities of produce have been packed during a certain period.


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