It’s becoming increasingly important for retailers and wholesalers to have a clear picture of where their inventory comes from, whether it's locally grown, and how it’s been processed prior to reaching consumers. CropTracer provides you with the answers to these types of questions.  The wholesale module in CropTracer can be used by growers who sell their produce directly or to middle-men agents. This module enables producers to allow pre-sales of their produce and a feedback process to rate the overall product quality. Customer relationships are easily managed and inventories are made transparent all of which can be managed directly from the system.

Retailers and Wholesalers can now integrate into the agriculture supply chain provided with real-time data from the ground to the market. CropTracer is built from scratch to provide growers with the ability to enhance their operations all the way through the selling process. Retailers and wholesalers can now pre-order products from CropTracer enabled farms and can even provide detailed notes and ratings to help farmers better understand how their product quality compares to their competitors.




CropTracer tools for the retail channel include:

  • Inbound Tracking
  • Quality Feedback
  • Pre-Ordering
  • Ordering
  • Reports

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