As a transporter, your goal is to move products from A to B as quickly and as safely as possible. CropTracer gives transporters and customers insight into where products are and the conditions under which they were transported to provide this necessary peace of mind. CropTracer simplifies administration and reporting with a push of the button. As with all other modules, transporter data is stored in CropTracer, transparent with approved partners, and added to the tracking report.


Planning:  All consigments submitted in CropTracer by the grower or packhouse are transportation ready. The transportation module allows supply chain partners to plan and monitor the transportation process


Instant Barcode Tracking :  All bar codes generated by CropTracer are traceable within the transportation module. After scanning, the consignment is ready to be loaded for transportation, all shipments are traceable in real-time.


Customer Relation Management: When packing and shipping for third parties it is important to know which terms and conditions are committed to by the parties involved. CropTracer CRM allows you to have a full insight of who your customers are and what has been agreed upon. All contracts and documentation are stored in CropTracer as well.


Transporation Documents:  All transporation documents can be stored or attached to shipments such as contracts, certifications, or customs forms.


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