CropTracer is developed by growers for growers.  The Grower module will give you full insight into your farming process and enables you to work more efficiently, cut costs, and protect your crops.
The grower module offers you many ways to manage your business as a grower. Forecasting and budgeting keeps track of your projected versus actual revenues and costs. Growing, harvesting, and maintenance records make sure you are most efficiently utilizing supplies and chemicals.  The grower module keeps you fully organized to streamline your operations and improve productivity.

Budgeting: CropTracer allows you to set your budgets before starting the season. Income and expenses can be set per week, month, or season to make sure that you are always growing your profits.

Accounting: CropTracer helps you to avoid making costly mistakes and eliminates the need for the clutter of messy paperwork. CropTracer allows for farmers and accountants to keep detailed inventory, finance, and cash records to ensure all profits are properly accounted for. Actual income and expenses are recorded in the platform and allows for invoicing and purchase orders to keep your operation up to date with your suppliers.

Grower Tools: Comprehensive grower management tools, allows you to record and maintain all aspects of running your farm day to day activities including chemicals application, seeding, soil maintenance, watering, and yield per day and zone. The grower module helps keeps track of your inventory, equipment, and personnell to keep your operations worry free and fully compliant with rules and regulations.

Supply Chain Integration: Produce is assigned barcodes then cleaned, sorted, and packed all activities are traceable within CropTracer. CropTracer allows you to vertically or horizontally integrate with partners in the supply chain with a single point information system for downstream transportation, packhouse, and retail partners.


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