The packhouse module is used by packaging companies and growers to manage customer relationships and configure packaging lines for cleaning and storage of pallets prior to shipping for retail. This module offers extensive bin management to keep a meticulous records on packages transported to and from third parties indexed from the tracking component.

Customer Relation Management: As a pack house you will certainly be packing for other growers too. When packing for third parties its important to know which terms and conditions are committed to. CropTracer CRM allows you to have a full insight of who your customers are and what has been agreed. All contracts are stored in CropTracer as well.

Bin Management: The CropTracer Bin Management module contains a cutting edge check in / check out system which allows to to have a real time insight of available bins for harvesting etc.


Planning your bins: How many Harvest bins do you need? How many bags are needed for a certain customer? CropTracer gives you all features to plan all packings that are needed per customer, per day or per period.


Creating barcodes for bins: Every tray, bin, bag or box can be labeled with a barcode. Using barcodes is he perfect way to track and trace your crop throughout the chain all the way to the wholesaler.


Bin report: Our report generator generates bin reports to make sure that all relevant bin data is being displayed afterwords.


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