CropTracer provides you with intelligent crop management. Using pinpoint traceability, a bad batch of produce is no longer catastrophic and can be easily identified and isolated, mitigating the financial impact of crop disease.  With CropTracer a simple barcode scan can help you follow produce during its journey from soil to shelf along with a wealth of data about its point of origin down to the exact location it was grown from.

Traceability is one of the key features of the CropTracer platform, powerful supply chain data is accessible from scanning a CropTracer bar code.

Farm: Which Farm grew the produce, who was the grower, and what was the harvest date

Packing: What company packed the produce, the pack date, and the batch number of the package

Dispatch: What was the dispatch number, pallet number, and dispatch date

Shipment: What is the shipment number, date the shipment was shipped, who was the transporter, what agent will sell the package, who packed it, and the estimated arrival date

Transportation: What transportation company is involved, the departure date, tracking number, the sipment location, who received it, and the date of receipt

Wholesaler: What date the package arrived at the wholesaler, the rated quality, and the inventory date



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